• Make Each Day a Masterpiece

    Dave Anderson - The Dave Anderson Corporation

    Dave Anderson

    Leaders of organizations spend much time giving thought to, creating, and communicating annual visions for their enterprises; then breaking them down into monthly forecasts for their teams to achieve. These “big pictures” provide essential direction, unity, and meaning in the workplace. While longer term planning is vital, the bulk of organizational discussion focuses on the question, “Where do we want to go?” and not nearly enough on the rubber-meets-the-road proposition: “What must we execute daily to get there?” This out-of-balance approach is somewhat understandable because vision casting and goal setting is fun, creative and inspiring. Strategic and tactical planning, on the other hand, is mundane and harder work. It requires deeper thinking, more specificity, and often results in the awakening that a change in the daily routine of people is needed; change that can bring both pain and discomfort.

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  • Part of the Process

    Paxton Wright - Leedom

    Paxton Wright

    In part 1 of “Enhance your People, Process, and Product,” we focused our attention on the value of people. Having the right people, in the right job, is critical to your businesses success. In the December 2014 issue of Dealer Business Journal, I offered practical insights on hiring, developing and retaining your people. Maximizing the performance of your people can have a significant, positive impact on your dealership’s productivity and bottom line.

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  • It's Time to Invest in Training and Compliance

    David Brotherton - Leedom

    David Brotherton

    I’ve had the opportunity over the last six months to participate in several meetings and seminars involving increasing government regulation in general and the CFPB’s assault on the BHPH industry in particular. While I fully understand that lawyers don’t make money unless they scare you, please understand that I am scared. While I am concerned for the industry as a whole, I’m more concerned for the dealers who only pay lip-service to compliance and training and think they can continue to get by doing things the same old way. Times have changed. State and Federal regulators are all gunning for ways to make a splash and are looking for ways to get their pound of flesh.

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