• Buy-Sell Agreements

    Jay Henderson - UBS

    Jay Henderson

    Estate planning is the process of preparing personal assets for distribution to succeeding generations. Business succession planning prepares a business entity for inevitable changes in ownership and management. Good planning for individuals who are owners of businesses coordinates these two planning processes.

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  • Need A Line of Credit?

    Paxton Wright - Default Administrative Client

    Paxton Wright

    Transitioning out of summer brings many changes to our daily lives and businesses. Football season is up and running, kids return to school, clocks roll back and leaves begin to fall. Amidst these changes, many dealers are planning for what’s ahead. The next few months are critical for dealers who want to finish the year off strong, yet also need to be evaluating their businesses and preparing for the upcoming tax season.

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  • What Tremendous Response

    Chris Leedom - Default Administrative Client

    Chris Leedom

    I must say I was overwhelmed with the response to our feature article in the last issue of Dealer Business Journal regarding exit strategies and succession planning. We had dealer owners contact us by phone, email and even visit with us in person at industry events to discuss this most important of topics.

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  • There's A Perfect Storm On Its Way

    David Brotherton - Default Administrative Client

    David Brotherton

    In my opinion, buying and reconditioning our inventory are the two most difficult things to execute properly in the BHPH model. Now, before anyone takes offense, this is not to say that I think sales, collections, management, or administration is easy. Everything we do presents its own set of challenges. My point is that not getting buying and reconditioning right will have repercussions in almost every area of the business. Bad cars and/or bad service efforts just seem to stick with you.

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