• April 2015

    How Does Your Dealership Measure Up

    Volume 12 Issue 4

    Benchmarking is an important part of measuring success. See where your dealership exceeds or needs to improve by comparing it with others in your area and the industry. Know your key Performance Indicators and how to set your goals using them.

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  • Keep Your Business on Track

    Paxton Wright - Leedom

    Paxton Wright

    Can you believe that the first quarter of 2015 is already in the books? Tax season is coming to a close soon and for many dealers, this means a shift in focus! Oftentimes in Q1, dealers place such an emphasis on maintaining inventory levels and increasing sales that other operational components tend to get overshadowed. So, how do you get back on track and return the balance to your dealership’s priorities? Better yet, what can you do now to avoid this shift from ever happening again?

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  • The Greatest Show on Earth

    Chris Leedom - Leedom

    Chris Leedom

    I hope you are reading this special issue at the Leedom Group 21st Annual BHPH WORLD Convention in New Orleans. If not you are sure missing out on the greatest show on earth–in the Big Easy no less. Seriously though, I want to welcome many of our readers to the BHPH WORLD Convention. I have the opportunity of serving as Convention Chairperson for this event so I thought I would share some thoughts and observations.

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  • Our Best Convention Yet

    David Brotherton - Leedom

    David Brotherton

    I am looking forward to BHPH World 2015 in New Orleans and I am hoping to see many of you while there. To see so many new and familiar faces in the BHPH industry is simply fantastic. Best of all is that this year I have the opportunity to bring you two workshops on topics that I believe have become extremely relevant to the industry.

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  • Reflecting on an Industry Hero

    Alex Price - MasterFiles-AL

    Alex Price

    I found out this morning that my friend, mentor and Godfather of the Recovery Industry, Harvey Altes, has passed away. I know there has never been anyone who has done more in our beloved industry than Harvey, but it is not just the industry that owes this man a debt. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of those who have been individually graced by the influence of Harvey. They all have their own stories to tell. This one is mine.

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  • Email Is Still in the Game

    Daniela Sherrod - Showcase Media

    Daniela Sherrod

    With so many technological gadgets and goodies available in todays marketplace, there are hundreds of thousands of ways to interact with customers but one of the best ways is still the old tried and true method of email marketing.

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  • Lease Here-Pay Here: Is It Right For You?

    Dave Wiggins - CliftonLarsonAllen

    Dave Wiggins

    We get a lot of questions regarding Lease Here-Pay Here (LHPH) programs and their comparison to Buy Here-Pay Here (BHPH) programs. I have been hesitant to tackle this question in the context of this publication due to the complexity involved in making comparisons and the number of issues that should be considered in evaluating which structure is correct for your business. At the request of many readers, I will highlight some of the key considerations to help you make an evaluation for yourself.

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