• What Comes First: The Sale or the Financing?

    Christine Taylor - Christine Taylor

    Christine Taylor

    There are a lot of mysteries in life. What happened to the lost city of Atlantis? Does Bigfoot really exist? Who shot JFK? For car dealers, unlocking the secret to sales and financing isn’t science fiction, but it can be cause for good debate. Is it best to sell the car and then find the financing, or secure the financing and then find the right car? The answer is a little of both.

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  • Reality Rebuttal to “Conventional” Nonsense

    Dave Anderson - The Dave Anderson Corporation

    Dave Anderson

    Our business is filled with common complaints, cop outs, clichés, conventional wisdom, and excuses that will keep you average if you buy into them. As you read over the following list determine how many you have heard, said, or bought into. Then consider the reality rebuttal, offered with the intent to create a healthier perspective on each issue.

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  • A Million Reasons to Behave

    Thomas Hudson - Hudson Cook, LLP

    Thomas Hudson

    Some “counts” (“causes of action,” in lawyer-speak) in a lawsuit permit a plaintiff to recover only so-called “actual damages,” or the amount that the plaintiff can demonstrate she is out-of-pocket as a result of the defendant’s actions. Claims for breach of contract, for example, typically permit a plaintiff to recover only actual damages.

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  • Data Driven Dealerships Can Sell More Vehicles

    Daniela Sherrod - Showcase Media

    Daniela Sherrod

    In dealerships today, we have more stored data than ever before, the issue is that dealers do not know what to do with this information or even realize the value of this data.

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  • Something Near and Dear to My Heart...

    Chris Leedom - Leedom

    Chris Leedom

    This month I have been asked to write about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I know, your first guess would be my lovely wife or two children. That is the correct answer with respect to what is near and dear to my heart, however this article addresses a dealer service that I have loved for over 15 years. That is the topic of dealer education and training.

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  • Service Business Development Centers Build Relationships, Retention and Revenue

    Greg Wells - AllCall Automotive Contact Centers

    Greg Wells

    In grade school we were taught the three R’s; reading, writing and arithmetic. They represented the basics of education. The three R’s, the basics, of your Service BDC are relationships, retention and return (ROI). Successful service BDC’s get the basics. By building lasting relationships and improving customer retention, your BDC will produce a robust return on your investment, especially in the long run.

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