• 2014 Leedom Market Report

    Chris Leedom - Leedom

    Chris Leedom

    Heading into the second quarter of 2014, makes now a good time to take a look at the past three months and watch for patterns and trends coming down the road. Good dealers can react quickly to the market when it changes. Better dealers anticipate what will happen and prepare a plan.

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  • Payments as a Service

    Jessica Sweeney - Paymaxx Pro

    Jessica Sweeney

    Payments as a serviceóitís more than just transactions. The payments industry is always evolving and has recently dove head first into the technology space coming up with new and convenient ways to accept payments. No longer are the days that your merchant service provider is just giving you rates and a credit card terminal. They get more involved now, learning about how your company runs, your day-to-day operations, the software you use, how your customers pay or how theyíd like to pay and finding a unique set of products that will not only make you more efficient but make you more money.

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  • Why Your Team Canít Execute and How to Fix It

    Dave Anderson - The Dave Anderson Corporation

    Dave Anderson

    For twelve years Iíve taught a three-day Strategy Summit in the fourth quarter to help clients prepare for the upcoming year. The format is simple: The first day covers how to create a compelling vision that unites and inspires the team for the upcoming year.

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  • What You Need in a Nondisclosure Agreement

    Debra Dawn - Leedom

    Debra Dawn

    The idea behind a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) is that there is certain proprietary and/or trade secret information which is so important to your dealership that sharing it with outside third parties would be detrimental, either financially or otherwise, to your business. Unfortunately, after disclosure many recipients may try to treat the information like it was their own.

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  • The Right Recipe for Social Media Success

    Christine Taylor - Christine Taylor

    Christine Taylor

    Do you remember the early 1990s? The internet was just starting to catch on and a majority of people still used dial-up service to connect (cue the unmistakable sound of auto-dialing tones, ear-piercing high-pitch squeals and the final satisfying hisses of a successful connection). In those days, websites were an expensive luxury, and only a handful of visionary dealers had them. Cell phones were only used for emergencies and Facebook and Twitter werenít yet a twinkle in any young nerdís eye.

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