• Become a Benchmark Dealer

    Paxton Wright - Leedom

    Paxton Wright

    How does your dealership’s performance measure up against industry benchmarks?

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  • Summer Time is Here and the Market Opportunity is Ripe!

    Chris Leedom - Leedom

    Chris Leedom

    In many parts of the country summer is when you grow, grow, grow! It struck me that as I have mingled with countless dealers over the past couple of months it is clearly a time for dealers to grow their business as well. I recently was thinking about what enables some dealers to simply outperform their market – even in good times!

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  • It Starts and Ends with the Car

    David Brotherton - Leedom

    David Brotherton

    Today’s poor-credit customer has more financing options available to them than just Buy Here-Pay Here. Recent market conditions have reached a point where smart dealers are focusing as much on customer retention as they are on sales generation and that increased focus on retention is highlighting just how important the vehicle is to the model.

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